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Mario here, just a saxophone player from Lebanon who has always dreamed about sharing his music with the world. Ever since I was a child, I was fascinated with the world of music and spent hours practicing and perfecting my craft. Despite the challenges I faced in Lebanon, I remained dedicated to my passion and continue to work hard towards achieving my dream. I have always aimed to develop a unique sound and style, and hope to one day play my music on stages around the world and inspire others to follow their passions. As I settle into the vibrant state of Florida, I am thrilled by the endless possibilities that lie ahead. With newfound opportunities to connect and collaborate, I eagerly look forward to expanding my musical network and sharing my passion with anyone who grants me the privilege of playing, creating an atmosphere of joy and harmony that resonates with all who listen.

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My Story

Growing up in Lebanon, my childhood was shaped by the vibrant music scene and cultural heritage of the country. However, the devastating economic collapse forced my family and me to make the difficult decision to leave our homeland in search of a better future.

As a saxophone player now based in the United States, I have embraced the opportunity to expand my musical repertoire and delve into various genres. From the soulful tunes of old American jazz to the elegant melodies of French music, as well as the pulsating beats of modern and house music, I strive to create a diverse and captivating experience for my audience.


In addition to my musical pursuits, my beautiful wife and three children are the driving forces behind my dedication and passion. They inspire me to continuously evolve as an artist and create moments of pure joy through my performances.


What sets me apart from the crowd is my unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction. I believe in going above and beyond to understand my clients' vision and deliver an unforgettable musical experience tailored to their unique tastes and preferences. With a focus on professionalism, punctuality, and the ability to connect with my audience, I aim to create an atmosphere that transcends boundaries and leaves a lasting impression on all who listen.

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